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Christmas Trees

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Welcome to Leaton Forest Christmas Trees:

30 Years as Shropshire's leading Christmas tree retailer


We are open 7 days a week throughout December
Monday - Wednesday 10:00 17:00
Thursday & Friday - 10:00 - 18.00
Saturday and Sunday 9:00 17:00

For further information please contact:

Richard Dowman - Tel: 07598 377 207 or 01939 291 029
Email: trees@leatonforest.co.uk

Scroll down to find a quick guide our selection of Christmas Trees.
We want our customers to enjoy looking for their real Christmas Tree. At Leaton Forest we have a huge variety of trees, both ready cut in the yard, or out in the plantations where you may dig your own. The kids will love it!

Come and..

  • SMELL the freshness of the pine needles
  • SEE our trees with views of Leaton Church in the distance
  • HEAR and see the pheasants, buzzards and ravens calling in the nearby woods
  • VIEW the selection of different varieties of trees up to 15 foot
  • EXPERIENCE the choice, cut or dig your own, or select from our ready cut trees
  • CHOOSE that unique tree to make you Christmas perfect!

Why Leaton Forest Christmas Trees?

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  • We have been growing Christmas trees for more than 40 years
  • We are members of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association and adhere to BCTGA standards
  • We care about the environment
  • Most of our trees are grown locally
  • We only start cutting our trees at the beginning of December


  • Mistletoe
  • Holly Wreaths
  • Holly
  • Greenery
  • Water Holding Tree Stands
  • Hardwood logs, Firewood and Kindling
  • Log Baskets and many other kinds of baskets


Norway Spruce

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A traditional tree sold at Leaton. It is bushy and it is easy to hang decorations on the fine branches. When purchased with roots it has the highest transplant success rate.

Scots Pine

A bushy tree with long light silver blue needles. Leaton Forest won the British Christmas Tree Growers Association Award for the best Scots Pine in 2008. Very needle-retentive.

Nordman Fir

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This is the most popular tree sold over the last few years at Leaton and across the UK. The tree is a dark green, with silver underside; it has the most uniform shape and has soft needles.

Noble Fir

Renowned for its strong lemony scent, the Noble Fir is very needle retentive and is silvery blue in colour. This tree has a narrower shape prefect for cottages and smaller rooms.

Top Tips

The Early Bird

For the best selection come sooner rather than later to chose your tree. Providing the tree is kept outside in water, and taken out of its net it will last best if kept outside (but away from frost) until 7-10 days before Christmas.

Inside, keep as far away from direct heat souces, and use a water holding stand.

We would advise that any trees over 12 foot / 3.6 meters in height are ordered in advance.

What makes a good tree?

  1. Our trees are bred to provide a good triangular shape
  2. Strong colour definition
  3. Should be well furnished, with well foliated branches right up the stem

Norway Spruce, Serbian Spruce


Nordmann Fir, Noble Fir, Silver Fir


Delivery (in Shrewsbury town area)

10.00 to 15.00 inc. VAT

Rooted Trees

Price on application -
You are welcome to "Dig and Cut your Own"

Water Holding Tree Stands

A range of Water Holding Tree Stands
from 15.00 each


Hardwood Logsfrom 8.00(Netted)
Log BasketsVarious prices
Hollyfrom 2.50
Mistletoefrom 3.00
Holly Wreaths / Decorative from 8.50
Christmas Greeneryfrom 5.00

A range of foliage available for florists and wreath makers

How to pay

Payment: Cash, Credit / Debit Card only.

Surcharge of 2.5% for payment by Business / Credit card.

Deliveries: Undertaken by arrangement

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