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The mansion house for the Leaton Knolls Estate was built in 1837 by local master builder Edward Haycock to a design by Francis Lloyd who was described as his own 'Vitruvius' following a trip to Tuscany. Francis Lloyd was the captain of the Harrows School first 11 in cricket. The house was faced in ashlar grinshall stone blocks. It was unusual in that the ground floor was protected from the sun by a stone colonnade. 

It was substantially extended in early 1900s using a rather severe red brick.

The Lloyd family lived in the house. It was converted into 10 flats after WWII, believed to have been used as accommodation for returning ex-servicemen.

The descendants of the Family now live in Gloucestershire. It is believed that the eldest son is called Orlando.


The Lloyd Family

Diana Brassey (Robert BinghamAlbertThomasJohnGeorgeThomas BrassieThomasRichardThomas BresseyRichardRalphThomasThomasWilliam de BreseyHamon le) was born 7 July 1914.


She married Humphrey William Lloyd 18 January 1938. He was Lt.-Col., J.P., of Fosseway House, Stow-on- the-Wold, Gloucestershire, and 2nd son of Brig.-Gen. Arthur Henry Orlando Lloyd, C.B., C.M.G., M.V.O., T.D., of , Shrewsbury, Shropshire.


Diana Brassey and Humphrey William Lloyd had the following children:


291 i. John Humphrey17 Lloyd was born 21 July 1940.

292 ii. David Arthur Lloyd was born 25 February 1945. He married Jessica Jane Fowler 24 August 1968. Jessica is the daughter of Bryan John Fowler. Bryan John Fowler was of Rabinston, Enfield, county Meath, Ireland.


The adjoining woods still have many fine ornamental trees and shrubs.


The house once stood on the hill overlooking a romantic glen planted with thriving shrubberies and pleasant walks. Bagshaw wrote that 'in no place in the county is there to be seen such a fine collection of rare shrubs and choice forest trees' including 'an extensive and valuable collection of the conifera tribe, with their curious and varied foliage.'


In 1851 a walled kitchen garden was being created and extensive glass houses were constructed.


There is no main residence now after the house was demolished in 1955 by the Late (6th) Earl of Bradford, it was apparently “Surplus to requirements!”


The current Owner, the Hon. Charles G O Bridgeman, made Albion Hayes Farm his main residence on the Estate for him and his family.


The site for the original house is on private land with no right of access. The stables that were built at the time are still standing and now converted into homes.




If anyone has any further information, please do contact the estate.

The stables and glass houses

(Outline shows where the old house used to be)

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